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Evil and Exile

Evil and Exile
Elie Wiesel & Philippe de Saint-Cheron
Notre Dame : University of Notre Dame, 1990
PQ2683 I32 Z463 1990

Evil and Exile, the new book by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel, addresses themes of crucial importance to the cause of world peace. A six-day series of interviews between Elie Wiesel and French journalist Philippe de Saint-Cheron, Evil and Exile probes some of the most crucial and pressing issues facing humankind today.

Having survived the unspeakable evil of the holocaust, Wiesel remained silent for ten years before dedicating his life to the memory of tragedy, witnessing tirelesly to remind an often indifferent world of its potential for self-destruction.

Wiesel offers wise counsel in this volume concerning evil and suffering, life and death, change and circumstance. Moreover, the dialogue evokes candid and often surprising responses by Wiesel on the Palestinian problem, Judeo-Christian relations, recent chnages in the Soviet Union as well as insights into writers such as Kafka, Malraux, Mauriac, and Unamuno.

Throughout this book, Wiesel's understanding of the human condition offers both an honest assessment and also hope that we may learn to live with one another in harmony.

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