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When Mayors Take Charge

When Mayors Take Charge : School Governance in the City
Joseph P. Viteritti, Ed.
Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, 2009
LB2817.3 .W47 2009

Large urban school systems have been the weakest link in American education, driving middle-class families into the suburbs while contributing mightily to the racial learning gap. Activist mayors in several major cities have responded by taking control of their public schools. When Mayors Take Charge is the most up-to-date assessment available on this phenomenon.

Joseph Viteritti brings together the leading experts on mayoral control to analyze the factors and people driving this trend as well as its achievements and shortcomings, possible ways to improve its design and implementation, and its prospects for the future.

Part One of When Mayors Take Charge assesses the results of mayoral control nationwide. The second section details the experience in three key cities: Boston and Chicago, the major prototypes for mayoral control, and Detroit, where mayoral control ended in disaster. The final section provides the first in-depth examination of New York City, where the law installing mayoral control sunsets in 2009. Viteritti's opening essay and postscript frame the analysis, illuminating both the significance and limitation of government reform.

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