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Folklore in Motion

Folklore in Motion
Kenneth L. Untiedt, ed.
Denton, TX : University of North Texas Press, 2007
GR1 .T4 no. 64

We not only take our customs and beliefs with us when we travel from one place to another, but sometimes they compel us to embark on journeys in the first place. Travel - and the many various means of transportation - is a big part of the traditional knowledge of any culture. The adventurous spirit of Texans has led to much travel lore, from stories of how ancestors first came to the state to reflections of how technology has affected the customs, language, and stories of life "on the go."

This Publication of the Texas Folklore Society features articles that examine the lore of travel. One chapter looks at how some authors' ancestors came to the state - traditional "Gone to Texas" accounts. Also included are the articles about people or methods of travel that no longer exist, although their influence lingers on. Another chapter is dedicated to trains and cars, two machines that changed the face of our entire nation. The last chapter includes articles that examine the lore associated with different types of modern transportation, including two-wheeled machines, machines that fly, and machines that scream across the land at dangerous speeds. It concludes with articles that consider how we fuel our machines and ourselves, and the rituals we engage in when we're on our way from here to there.

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