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The Age of Fallibilty

The Age of Fallibility
George Soros
New York, NY : Public Affairs, 2006
HV6432 .S7 2006

GEORGE SOROS made billions anticipating the seismic changes in the financial markets and has used that money to try to change the world. In this book he brings that committment to the subject that has preoccupied him since 2001: the state of America. He looks at the fatal flaws not merely of the current administration - with whom his antagonism is well documented - but with the wider American view of the world.

A "stateless statesman," uninhibited by the need to temper his message to suit partisan politics, Soros delivers his most forceful and penetrating description of how the country that should provide a beacon for good governance around the world has lost direction, such that we believe our own rhetoric and myth making, in defiance of the facts that will shape our future. Soros insists that "America must undergo a change of heart." And if we are looking for somewhere to start, he says, we had better begin by renouncing the "feel good" misconceptions implicit in the war on terror.

At seventy-five, George Soros is clear about the major themes of our time - the threats to our civilization such as nuclear proliferation, global warming, terrorism and counter terrorism, and the breakdown of international cooperation. He is determined to address them, and, in The Age of Fallibility, he does so with impassioned eloquence.

Quoted from dustjacket.