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Storytime: Young Children's Literary Understanding in the Classroom
Lawrence R. Sipe
New York, NY : Teachers College Press, 2008
LB1576 .S457 2008

Our colleague Larry Sipe has given us a wonderful gift--a book that invites us to join him on a journey (at times it seems almost like a pilgrimage!) into the engaging world of children (and teachers) responding to literature. Once we accept this invitation, we are hooked. Sipe holds us spellbound by weaving his own tale about why it is so important for teachers to take the time to involve students in deep analyses and rich responses to the wealth of ideas and issues that await them in the pages of children's literature. In a policy world dominated by standards, assessments, fluency measures, and the rhetoric of science, this is a wonderful counterpoint--one that reminds us of why we teach reading in the first place.

Who should read this book? Sipe contends that he has written it primarily for colleagues who want to share this journey with him--both practicing and novice scholars who have made a commitment to understanding how teachers can promote engagement with literature and why. He also believes that teacher educators will find a theoretical perspective along with compelling examples of children engaged in deep response that will alllow them to provide guidance to novice teachers. And he believes that certain teachers will gain an appreciation for the sophisticated thinking that children, even young children, are capable of when we open our minds and conversations to a wide range of responses.

Quoted from the Foreword.