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Dying to Kill

Dying to Kill
Mia Bloom
New York: Columbia University Press, 2005
HV6431 .B576 2005

What motivates suicide bombers ... [is] important but the larger question is, what external factors make it possible for suicide terrorism to flourish? ... describes these conditions and develops a theory of why terrorist tactics work in some instances and fail in others.

Texas Weather

Texas Weather
George W. Bomar
Austin: University of Texas Press, 1995
QC984 .T4 B67 1995

Do you remember...The coldest day...The hottest day...The most rain...The driest year...The greatest snowfall...The highest sustained winds? ..Texas Weather...the most complete, reader-friendly explanations of the Lone Star State’s weather phenomena.

Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindler
David M. Crowe
Cambridge: Westview Press, 2004
D804.66 .S38 C76 2004

Spy, businessman, bon vivant, Nazi Party member, Righteous Gentile.... steps beyond the mythology ... and looks at the life and work of this man whom one prominant Schindler Jew described as "an extraordinary man in extraordinary times."

Look at Me When I Talk to You

Look at Me When I Talk to You
Sylvia Helmer & Catherine Eddy
Ontario: Pippin Publishing Corporation, 2003
LC3715 .H45 2003

... explore the underlying fundamentals of communication to show how culture influences the messages sent - and received. Elements of both the theory and practice ... and examples from real classrooms ... a must-read for all teachers working with students who are learning English as an additional language.

How Science Works

How Science Works
Stephen H. Jenkins
New York: Oxford University Press, 2004
QH324 .J46 2004

... What causes cancer? Why do we age? How does coffee affect health? ... describes how scientists answer questions like these by experimenting, using comparative observations and mathematical models, analyzing causes, and integrating results of multiple studies.

Federalism in the Forest

Federalism in the Forest
Tomas M. Koontz
Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2002
SD565 .K66 2002

... issues of federalism, decentralization of control over public lands, citizen participation, and how agency policies, both state and federal, are formulated and exercised.

Don't Make Me Think

Don’t Make Me Think
Steve Krug
Berkeley: New Riders Publishing, 2006
TK5105.888 .K78 2006

...loaded with insights and practical advice for novice and veteran alike. Don’t be surprised if it completely changes the way you think about Web design.

The End of Nature

The End of Nature
Bill McKibben
New York: Anchor House,1999
GF75 .M38 1999

More than simply a handbook for survival or a doomsday catalog of scientific prediction, this soulful lament on nature is required reading for nature enthusiasts, activists, and concerned citizens alike.

Pioneers of Modern Design

Pioneers of Modern Design
Nikolaus Pevsner
New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005
N6450 .P4 2005

One of the most widely read books on modern design ... now offers many beautiful color illustrations; updated biographies and bibliographies of all major figures; illustrated short essays on key themes, movements, and individuals; ... and much more.

Embryology, Epigenesis, and Evolution

Embryology, Epigenesis, and Evolution
Jason Scott Robert
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004
QH491 .R63 2004

... explores the nature of development against current trends in biological theory and practice and looks at the interrelations between evolution and development (evo-devo), an area of resurgent biological interest.

Steinberg at The New Yorker

Steinberg at The New Yorker
Joel Smith
New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2005
NC139 .S65 S58 2005

... A vibrant celebration of one of the most original and engaging artists of the twentieth century, Steinberg at The New Yorker brings alive a genius, a magazine, and an era.

Adam's Curse

Adam’s Curse
Bryan Sykes
New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2004
QH600.5 .S98 2004

... examines the perilous future of the Y chromosome and the ultimate survival of men. ... huge differences between the male and female sexes - not just the physical and genetic ones, but also those that result from psychological, social, or even cultural differences.

The Secrets of Rosa Lee

The Secrets of Rosa Lee
Jodi Thomas
Ontario, Canada: MIRA Books, 2005
PS3570 .H558 S43 2005b c.1

... this home is more than bricks and mortar. It’s also a place that harbors a love so strong, it still has the power to change the entire town.

When Congres Makes a Joke

When Congress makes A Joke
Dean L. Yarwood
Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2004
PN6231 .P6 Y37 2004

... an enjoyable, accessible view into humor’s place in political communication - how it is created, how it is used, and what consequences may stem from it.

Soul Made Flesh

Soul Made Flesh
Carl Zimmer
New York: Free Press, 2004
QP376 .Z555 2004

... conveys a contagious appreciation for the wonder of the brain, its structure, its many marvelous functions, and the implications for human identity, mind, and morality.

Contested Memories

Contested Memories
Joshua D. Zimmerman, ed.
New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2003
D804.3 .C69 2003

Few issues have divided Poles and Jews more deeply than the Nazi occupation of Poland ... these essays fearlessly challenge commonly held views on both sides of the debates.

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