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Chasing the Rising Sun

Chasing the Rising Sun
Ted Anthony
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2007
ML3551.5 .A58 2007

...few songs have traveled a journey as intricate as "House of the Rising Sun."... (traces) how a piece of culture moves through the modern world, propelled by technology and globalization and recorded sound.

Voting Technology

Voting Technology
Paul S. Herrnson,
Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, 2008
JK1985 .V68 2008

... the first book to investigate in a scientific and authoritative manner how voters respond to the new equipment.... pulls together best practices that will guide voting-system manufacturers, ballot designers, election officials, political analysts, and voters.

From the Farm to the Table

From the Farm to the Table
Gary Holthaus
Lexington : The University Press of Kentucky, 2006
S441 .H65 2006

..illuminates the state of the American agriculture today, particularly the impact of globalization, through the stories of farmers who balance traditional practices with innovative methods to meet market demands.

Behind the Veil:  An American Woman's Memoir of the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis

Behind the Veil: An American Woman's Memoir of the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis
Debra Johanyak
Akron, Ohio : The University of Akron Press, 2007
E183.8 .I55 J64 2007

... the story of two nations in conflict over a series of political events involving rulers ... as well as the nameless masses that included me, a woman with dual citizenship, suspended between two feuding governments.

Hunger for the Wild

Hunger for the Wild
Michael L. Johnson
Lawrence, KS : University of Kansas Press, 2007
F591 .J617 2007

Just what was so wild about the Wild West? ... Johnson's tour de force marks a major contribution to the deeper history of the region and points toward a more sustainable West for the future.

Geography and Revolution

Geography and Revolution
David N. Livingstone & Charles W.J. Withers
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2005
G70 .G4419 2005

... an invitation to take the where as seriously as the who and the when in examining the nature, shape, and character of revolutions.

The Swing Voter in American Politics

The Swing Voter in American Politics
William G. Mayer, Ed.
Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press, 2008
JK1967 .S95 2008

... the authors track swing voters across six decades and in national and local elections. The result is an unprecedented picture of this key political group.

Foreign Accent Management

Foreign Accent Management
Mythri S. Menon
San Diego, CA : Plural Publishing, Inc., 2007
PE1128 .M417 2007

Incorporating charm and humor, ... while effectively providing the tools and techniques needed to enhance accent modification and manage it long-term.

Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia
Julie Powell
New York, NY : Little, Brown and Company, 2005
TX649 .P66 A3 2005

Julie Powell is stuck. ... And so she invents a deranged assignment: in the space of one year, she will cook every recipe in the Julia Child classic, all 524 of them. No skips, no substitutions. ... learns Julia Child's most important lesson: the art of living with gusto.

How the Earthquake Bird Got Its Name and Other Tales of an Unbalanced Nature

How the Earthquake Bird Got Its Name and Other Tales of an Unbalanced Nature
H. H. Shugart
New Haven & London : Yale University Press, 2004
QL791 .S61152 2004

Change is the root of many planetary problems, but it is also an intrinsic feature of our living planet. ... explores past environmental change, discusses the non-existence of a "balance of Nature," and documents how human alterations have affected plants, soils, and animals.

Storytime: Young children's literary understanding the the classroom

Storytime: Young Children's Literary Understanding in the Classroom
Lawrence R. Sipe
New York, NY : Teachers College Press, 2008
LB1576 .S457 2008

... a journey (at times it seems almost like a pilgrimage!) into the engaging world of children (and teachers) responding to literature.

The Trouble with Physics

The Trouble With Physics
Lee Smolin
Boston & New York : Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006
QC6 .S6535 2006

With clarity, passion, and authority, Smolin charts the rise and fall of string theory and takes a fascinating look at what will replace it.


Richard L. Stroup
Washington, D.C. : Cato Institute, 2003
HC79 .E5 S775 2003

... explains why many of our environmental laws have failed us and how we might go about doing a better job of protecting nature.... an indispensable guide to learning how to think about both economics and the environment.

Evolving Eden

Evolving Eden
Alan Turner & Mauricio Antón
New York : Columbia University Press, 2004
QL731 .A1 T87 2004

A fascinating read and a visual feast, Evolving Eden lays the foundation for a deeper appreciation of contemporary African wildlife.

The Words and Music of John Lennon

The Words and Music of John Lennon
Ben Urish & Ken Bielen
Westport, CT : Praeger Publishers, 2007
ML420 .L38 U75 2007

...Lennon fused experiments in technology, instrumentation, lyrics, and musical form into recordings that were both artistically and commercially successful....chronologically arranged chapters discuss his incredible body of work album-by-album and single-by-single.

Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society

Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society
Anthony G. Wilhelm
Cambridge, MA : The MIT Press, 2004
HM851 .W55 2004

...shows us how to build a more inclusive information society, offering a plan that reaps the benefits offered by the new technology while avoiding the pitfalls of social exclusion.

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