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Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand
Steve Bickerstaff
Austin, TX : University of Texas Press, 2007
JK1343 .T4 B53 2007

In 2003, the Republican and Democratic parties engaged in an unprecedented partisan fight over Texas's thirty-two congressional seats. ... much-needed historical context and frontline accounts of the redistricting saga


Mary Brown & Carol Orsborn
New York : AMACOM, 2006
HC79 .C6 B76 2006

Women make the vast majority of purchasing decisions - ...find out what makes Baby-Boomer women tick - and buy.

The Education of a Comics Artist

The Education of a Comics Artist
Michael Dooley & Steven Heller
New York : Allworth Press, 2005
NC1320 .E29 2005

... provocative anthology provides inspiration on how to teach, think, and talk about comics in the classroom and beyond.

American Political Ideologies

American Political Ideologies
Brian R. Farmer
Jefferson, NC : McFarland & Company, Inc., 2006
JA84 .U5 F37 2006

Politics is often defined by ideologies. ... dissects eight prominent ideologies: traditional conservatism, classic liberalism, libertarianism, conservative extremism, contemporary liberalism, communism, dependency theory and Islamism.

The Wonderful Wizard in You

The Wonderful Wizard in You
Sidney Friedman
Gretna, LA : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc., 1999
BJ1611 .F84 1999

... offers inspiration from The Wizard of Oz to illustrate his points and to help you make your sales skyrocket.


Marty Kuhlman
Baltimore, MD : PublishAmerica, 2006
PS3561 .U365 B37 2006

Barriers takes place in South Carolina against the backdrop of the tumultuous struggle for civil rights of the 1950s.

Working Fathers

Working Fathers
James A. Levine
Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc, 1997
HQ756 .L474 1997

... the first hands-on guide with a proven and effective game plan to help fathers as well as mothers, employees as well as managers, succeed in managing the competing demands of home and work.

Burning Issues

Burning Issues: Understanding and Misunderstanding the Middle East: A 40-Year Chronicle
John Mahoney, Jane Adas, & Robert Norberg (Eds.)
New York : Americans for Middle East Understanding, 2007
DS126.5 .B87 2007

... examine the ideological genesis of the Israeli state and detail the moral, economic, and political costs - both foreign and domestic - that Americans pay every day for their uncritical support of a problematic ally.


Chuck Martin
New York : AMACOM, 2007
HD38.2 .M3675 2007

... shows you how to nurture your positive skills; identify , accept, and deal with your own weaknesses; and manage those characteristics of the people with whom you live and work.

The Identity Trap:  Saving OUr Teens from Themselves

The Identity Trap: Saving our Teens from Themselves
Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D
New York : AMACOM, 2007
HQ799.15 .N69 2007

... offers insight into the teenage struggle to find identity and purpose, and explains why parents must take a proactive stance in influencing their children's identity development.

The Resisting Muse:  Popular Music and Social Protest

The Resisting Muse: Popular Music and Social Protest
Ian Peddie, ed.
Burlington, VT : Ashgate Publishing Company, 2006
ML3918 .P67 R47 2006 c.2

...examines the various ways popular music has been deployed as anti-establishment and how such opposition both influences and responds to the music produced.

Concepts of Database Management

Concepts of Database Management
Phillip J. Pratt & Joseph J. Adamski
Boston, MA : Thompson Course Technology, 2005
QA76.9 .D3 P73 2005

... the perfect short, yet complete, introduction to database concepts.... case problems ... bring to life real-world database issues such as database design, data integrity, concurrent updates, and data security.

Citizen Soldiers

Citizen Soldiers
Stephanie A. Roper & Scott C. Roper
Portsmouth, NH : Peter E. Randall Publisher, 2004
F44 .L96 R66 2004

...Lafayette Artillery Company ... New Hampshire's oldest remaining local-militia group ... traces the organization from a local militia unit to a social group, and finally to a Civil War reenactment/social-service organization.

Building a New Afghanistan

Building a New Afghanistan
Robert I. Rotberg
Cambridge, MA : World Peace Foundation, 2007
DS371.4 .B83 2007

... Afghanistan must tackle a host of serious problems before it can emerge as a confident, independent nation. ... This book offers a blueprint for moving the embattled nation toward greater democracy and prosperity.


William Service
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1969
QL795 .B57 S4 1969

The size of a beer can, the personality of a bank president...

Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud
Claudia D. Stuart
Dubuque, IA : Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 2002
PS3569 .T81 L58 2002

This collection of poems is about optimism. ... in the experience of death ... in the celebration of life ... in renewing the human spirit ...

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