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Foreign Accent Management

Foreign Accent Management
Mythri S. Menon
San Diego, CA : Plural Publishing, Inc., 2007
PE1128 .M417 2007

Foreign Accent Management presents a thoroughly refreshing approach to accent management. Grounded in the author's personal experience, it is practical, readable, and highly accessible to both speech-language pathologists and non-native speakers of European, African, Asian or Indian origin. The technical terminologies have simple definitions and practical explanations, making the lessons easy to understand and incorprate in practice. It addresses speech and language acquisition, articulation, auditory discrimination, intonation, body language, and conversational etiquette - all which influence accented speech. Strong supportive CDs accompanying this book provide the reader with enhanced learning tools, which include speech examples and practice exercises. As the author introduces the chapters on the CDs, readers will also be able to hear what foreign accent modifcation can do with dedicated practice. Incorporating charm and humor, the author manages to entertain while effectively providing the tools and techniques needed to enhance accent modification and manage it long-term.

Quoted from dustjacket.