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Chuck Martin
New York : AMACOM, 2007
HD38.2 .M3675 2007

It remains one of the great mysteries of life - what qualities truly define successful people? While we are all destined for greatness, we also possess one or two weaknesses that may be holding us back. While you consider yourself to be highly focused and cool under pressure, you may lack flexibility. You know that you are talented, gifted, and great at what you do, but in trying to overcome your shortcomings, you may be frustrating yourself and others, and neglecting those strengths that will lead you to excellence.

We all possess twelve specific and very important cognitive functions, including Time Management, Organization, Working Memory, and Stress Tolerance, which begin developing in the brain at birth. Everyone has these same capabilities but to varying degrees. These skills are largely unchangeable by adulthood, but the good news is that they can be enhanced. Smarts reveals what separates those people who continue to excel in their lives and in their careers. Those highly successful people know that the real opportunities lie in playing to their strengths, not trying to improve their shortcomings. And in understanding their own innate assets and limitations, they are more tolerant and more patient with the strengths and weaknesses of others, making them better bosses, exceptional workers, and more understanding partners.

Using groundbreaking new research, best-selling author Chuck Martin reveals how embracing our two or three strongest Executive Skills can help us achieve excellence, while denying our weaknesses can undermine our progress. This book includes the revolutionary Executive Skills Profile you can use to spot your own strengths, and leverage them both at work and at home. You will begin to understand why you - and those around you - act or behave the way they do. Smarts shows you how to nurture your positive skills; identify , accept, and deal with your own weaknesses; and manage those characteristics of the people with whom you live and work.

Impeccably researched and grounded in proven scientific principles, this is a truly eye-opening and empowering book that redefines the way we understand the potential for our greatness - in ourselves and others.

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