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Burning Issues

Burning Issues: Understanding and Misunderstanding the Middle East: A 40-Year Chronicle
John Mahoney, Jane Adas, & Robert Norberg (Eds.)
New York : Americans for Middle East Understanding, 2007
DS126.5 .B87 2007

In 1947 the UN allocated 56% of Palestine to a Jewish immigrant minority who comprised a third of the population and owned 6% of the land. By 1949 Israel had taken by force another 22% and in 1967 occupied the remaining 22% as well as Syria's Golan Heights.

In defiance of international law, Israel has settled over 440,000 of its citizens in the Occupied Territories. Israeli soldiers and settlers harass or kill Palestinians, confiscate their property, bulldoze their homes, devastate their towns, and deny them freedom of movement. Palestinians have genuine grievances that Americans cannot afford to ignore.

In Burning Issues, 19 authors, mostly Americans with first-hand experience in Occupied Palestine, examine the ideological genesis of the Israeli state and detail the moral, economic, and political costs - both foreign and domestic - that Americans pay every day for their uncritical support of a problematic ally.

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