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Song:  A Guide to Style and Literature

Song: A Guide to Style and Literature
Carol Kimball
Redmond: PST...Inc., 2000
MT120 .K56 2000

The focus of Song: A Guide to Style and Literature is to provide materials for the study of song literature, highlighting the fusion of poetry and music inherent in the form. The book is designed to be useful either as a textbook for initial study or quick referral, or as a reference source. As a text of study for vocal literature classes, it provides material, directions, and ideas that may be flexibly incorporated into a number of classroom situations.

Song is divided into two main sections. The first is a concise guide to learning about composers' song styles, and the musical details that reveal each composer's "soundprint." The second part of the book presents song literature grouped by national areas (German, French, American, British, Italian, Russian, Scandinavian, Spanish, South American, and eastern European). For each composer, there is a concise biography and descriptive annotations for representative songs. At the end of each composer unit there is a list of songs for further study as well as a bibliography of books and articles specific to that composer's work.

Style sheets for selected composers address specific compositional approaches in their songs. Information in these charts is grouped by melody, harmony, rhythm, accompaniment, and texts. Additional material on styles can be found in composers' biographies. Style sheets are presented for those composers whose songs are historically or stylistically important in the development of song literature, or appear with great frequency in performance. Readers are encouraged to add to the style sheets provided and to develop style sheets on their own.

Quoted from introduction.