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Greyhound for Breakfast

Greyhound for Breakfast
James Kelman
New York: Farrar Straus Giroux, 1988
PR6061 .E518 G74 1988

James Kelman's landscapes are the wastelands of the inner cities, their tenement blocks, boardinghouses, park benches, and pubs. His characters are mired in the hardships and impotence of a ridden class, but Kelman is able both to stress and make bearable a bleak situation by way of smarting comedy. His subjects present unflinchingly and with the deepest irony truths about Britain, and particularly Scotland, now.

The forty-seven stories in this collection reflect the scope of James Kelman's writing since 1972 - ranging from casual tragedy to wild farce. And, consistently, they present real life without condescension, giving voice to the inarticulate and life to the belief that language helps to shape a culture. As Francis Spufford noted in The London Review of Books, "Kelman's own statement of principles in the Edinburgh Review is grittily optimistic: ‘As long as art exists there are no areas of experience that have to remain inaccessible.‘ I hope James Kelman continues to believe what he said, and continues to write accordingly."

Quoted from dust jacket.