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The Wonderful Wizard in You

The Wonderful Wizard in You
Sidney Friedman
Gretna, LA : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc., 1999
BJ1611 .F84 1999

Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, knows that it is best to start at the beginning, even if you are simply following the Yellow Brick Road.

You can start at the beginning - you just might need to be reminded of this simple fact from time to time.

However, following the Yellow Brick Road isn't so easy, if taken literally. But if interpreted metaphorically, it becomes as easy as clicking your heels together three times.

Author Sidney Friedman offers inspiration from The Wizard of Oz to illustrate his points and to help you make your sales skyrocket. In lieu of a Yellow Brick Road, Friedman advises following a written plan. He believes that the items on The Wizard in You Success Checklist are essential for anyone trying to achieve their goals. The items are:

  • Learn to Believe in Yourself
  • Develop a Perfect Clear Image of Your Goal
  • Begin Moving Forward
  • Be with People Who Believe in You and Support You
  • Learn to Respond, Not React
  • Get Yourself a Mentor
  • Commit Your Plan to Paper
  • Develop Self-Discipline
  • Avoid Avoidance
  • Improve Your Talent for Solving Problems
  • Continuously Refine Your Plan
  • Become an Expert at Patience and Perserverance
  • Ceaselessly Move Forward - and Never, Ever Let Up!

Friedman explains how to follow each step of his Yellow Brick Road and offe anecdotes and advice from others in the form of "Words from the Wise."

Throughout the text, Friedman shares his business experience with you by providing "Trade Secrets," "Insight from Oz," and "Wizard Wisdom." He even explains his strategy for living in a 62-week year.

By following Friedman's practical, common-sense approach - his Yellow Brick Road - you, too, can reach the Wonderful Wizard and realize that the power to find your way home - or to find stratospheric sales - lies within you.

Quoted from dustjacket.