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How the Paper Fish Learned to Swim

How the Paper Fish Learned to Swim
Jonathon A. Flaum
New York, NY : AMACON, 2007
HD53 .F635 2007

In a remote fishing village in Japan, an origami master named Daishinji creates a beautiful fish from one flat sheet of paper. But the fish says he is lonely, so Daishinji creates a whole paper world for him--ocean, seaweed, an octopus, and many other creatures. Still, the paper fish begs to be set free in a real ocean, to know the feel of water and understand the mysteries of the deep.

Reluctantly, Daishinji sets her creation free, even though she is sure that the paper fish will be destroyed and that "imaginary things must stay in imaginary places." But amazingly, to the origami master's surprise, the fish becomes real, and a part of something much bigger than Daishinji could ever have imagined, proving that great ideas outgrow their creators and take on lives of their own.

How the Paper Fish Learned to Swim presents this beautiful and unique fable as a springboard to unlocking creativity and innovation in the workplace. Illustrating the point that what's created on paper, if authentic enough, can never just stay on paper--it has to go out and be tested in the real world--the story of Daishinji is followed by thought-provoking commentary that will help you tap into the true creativity of your people.

Quoted from dustjacket.