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The Education of a Comics Artist

The Education of a Comics Artist
Michael Dooley & Steven Heller
New York : Allworth Press, 2005
NC1320 .E29 2005

This provocative anthology provides inspiration on how to teach, think, and talk about comics in the classroom and beyond. Featuring essays by and interviews with more than sixty professionals, educators, and critics, the book provides an in-depth view of the art, business, and history of comics art. Readers will learn about a wide variety of genres, from editorial cartoons, political comics, and comic strips, to graphic novels, superhero sagas, and alternative comics. Other featured topics include the role of comics art in related fields such as animation, design, and illustration; lesson plans by top teachers; and essays on how to thrive and grow as a creative comics artist.

Among the diverse group of contributors are Ho Che Anderson, Tony Auth, Monte Beauchamp, Will Esiner, Robert Fiore, Paul Krassner, Joe Kubert, Stan Mack, Bob Mankoff, Barbara McClintock, Scott McCloud, Dave McKean, Dennis O'Neal, David Rees, Trina Robbins, Bill Sienkiewicz, Art Spiegelman, Jim Steranko, Chris Ware, and many more.

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