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Kangaroos: Biology of the Largest Marsupials

Kangaroos: Biology of the Largest Marsupials
Terence J. Dawson
New York, NY : Cornell University Press, 1995
OL737 .M35 D39

Americans assumed that an Australian would know all about kangaroos. I didn't, and my curiosity was rekindled. In 1960 I got a lectureship in zoology at the University of New South Wales, where Geoff Sharman was setting up a kangaroo research group. At that time there was a burst of interest in kangaroos, partly driven by conflict between conservation and pastoral interests. As a result, an integrated understanding of the biology of kangaroos is now emerging. The biology of the large kangaroos is more complex and interesting than I could possibly have imagined when I first watched them in the bush around Nyngan.

Quoted from the Preface.