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Popular Culture:  Introductory Perspectives

Popular Culture: Introductory Perspectives
Marcel Danesi
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2008
HM621 .D36 2008

What is pop culture? Why do we so often hate to love it and love to hate it? What makes us embrace some parts of it and not others? While critics in every era have decried the media and popular culture as posing serious danger to all facets of society, very few have tried to understand the meanings and social structures that they have created in our everyday lives. Marcel Danesi explores our human desire for meaning and the need to symbolize it in music, language, art, and other creative forms. He offers a variety of perspectives to help us understand the products of popular culture - from music and websites to fads, celebrities, and more - tapping into the fun of pop culture without making us feel guilty for enjoying it.

Quoted from back cover.