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This Is Called Moving: A Critical Poetics of Film

This Is Called Moving: A Critical Poetics of Film
Abigail Child
Tuscaloosa, AL : The University of Alabama Press, 2005
PN1995.9 .E96 C42 2005

In the essays of This Is Called Moving, Child draws on her long career as a practicing poet and an influential filmmaker to explore how these two language systems inform and cross-fertilize her work.

Subjects or Collaborators Include:

  • Sergei Eisenstein,
  • Dziga Vertov,
  • Andy Warhol,
  • Michael Snow,
  • Hollis Frampton,
  • Len Lye,
  • Luis Buñuel,
  • Edward Curtis,
  • Laura Mulvey,
  • Abel Gance,
  • Ken Jacobs,
  • Warren Sonbert,
  • Peter Kubelka,
  • Martin Arnold,
  • Dan Eisenberg,
  • Sheila Dabney,
  • Bruce Conner,
  • Arthur Lipsett,
  • Manuel De Landa,
  • Vivienne Dick,
  • Henry Hills,
  • Aline Mayer,
  • Mary Lattimore,
  • Nancy Miller,
  • Anita Miles,
  • Hannah Weiner,
  • Nicole Brossard,
  • Larry Eigner,
  • Sally Silvers,
  • Camille Roy,
  • Johanna Drucker,
  • Chris Tish,
  • Jean Day,
  • Michael Amnasen, and
  • Madeline Leskin.

Quoted from dustjacket.