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Humor in the Advertising Business

Humor in the Advertising Business
Fred K. Beard
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2008
HF5821 .B37 2008

Fred Beard's Humor in the Advertising Business offers any reader who studies, teaches, creates, approves, or simply enjoys funny advertising a concise, yet thorough exploration of how advertising humor works and what advertisers hope to accomplish with it. As one of advertising's most frequently used message tactics (U.S. advertisers alone may spend as much as $60 billion a year hoping they can make their audience laugh!), humor is an admittedly complicated topic: One viewer may react very differently from another to the same ad - or an ad may get a laugh but not make a sale.

Featuring dozens of the world's funniest ads, insights from advertising's most successful creative strategists and artists, and decades of academic research, Humor in the Advertising Business presents an exploration of the whimsical side of modern advertising. Beard delivers more than a dry explanation of advertising humor. Readers who have chuckled or even laughed out loud at an advertiser's wit will find a highly readable homage here.

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