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Icon: Studies in the History of an Idea

Icon: Studies in the History of an Idea
Moshe Barasch
New York: New York University Press, 1992
BR238 .B36 1992

Over the centuries of European debate about the nature and status of images of God and sacred figures - debates that have often upset the established order and shaken societies to their core - an identifiable doctrine has emerged of the image in general and of the divine image in particular. In this facinating work, Moshe Barasch concentrates on historical arguments attacking and defending iconic representation in the early Christian world, from the period of Late Antiquity up to the great and classic defenses of images by St. John of Damascus and Theodore of Studion. Icon is a work that extends beyond the immediate concerns of religion, philosophy, aesthetics, history, and art to engage them all.

Moshe Barasch is Jack Cotton Professor of the History of Art at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has specialized in writing broadly on art history for many years. He has served as visiting professor at several American universities, including Yale University, Cornell University (Society for the Humanities), and New York University. Among his numerous books are Theories of Art: From Plato to Winckelmann and Modern Theories of Art, I: From Winckelmann to Baudelaire, both published by New York University Press.

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