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Rio Grande Fall

Rio Grande Fall
Rudolfo Anaya
New York: Warner Books, 1996
PS3551 .N27 R56 1996

Praised as a founder of Chicano literature, Rudolfo Anya is famed for capturing the ethnic flavor of New Mexico. His first mystery, Zia Summer, introduced Alburquerque P.I. Sonny Baca on his first big-time case. Out to solve the murder of his beloved cousin Gloria, feisty Sonny found himself pitted against a vicious nest of brujas, or evil witches, especially the diabolical Raven. Now Sonny is back in another mystifying - and mystical - adventure...

Everyone loves the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta de Alburquerque. The city's biggest moneymaker is more fun- filled and more profitable this year than ever. Until a body plummets from the sky.

Four black feathers, Raven's calling cards, surround the body. Sonny recognizes the dead woman immediately. She is one of Raven's followers, and the state's prime witness against the cult member implicated in the murder of Sonny's cousin. The P.I. suspects that Raven is thirsting for revenge on all fronts.

Indeed, death darkens the heavens again as a sniper's bullet fells another balloonist. Fearing bad publicity, the Fiesta makes Sonny an offer: a handsome reward if he can find the killer before local police and the FBI.

Tracking clues, Sonny soon discovers that a huge shipment of cocaine and heroin is to be unloaded in Alburquerque during the festival. Raven, he realizes, was sent in by the drug lords as a distraction. He is not through yet and must be stopped. But how? Raven possesses strengths no mortal can match; he can acquire the powers of his nagual, his animal spirit.

Likewise, Sonny will need his own guardians, the coyotes, as well as a curandera, a healer, to guide him to Raven's lair. But no sooner is Sonny ready to face his enemy than calamity strikes. Someone near and dear to him falls into Raven's clutches, possibly lost forever.

With the newfound force of the coyote spirit coursing through his veins, Sonny sets off, ready to risk his life for the fate of the city - and the survival of one he loves...

Quoted from dust jacket.