Computer Use Policy

Priorities for use of computers

  1. All education, research, and administrative purposes of West Texas A&M University
  2. Other uses indirectly related to West Texas A&M University purposes

General Rules for use of computers

Use computers and the computer network consistently with stated priorities. Those needing to use computers and the network for reasons consistent with the first priority will be given preference in access.

Do not use the network to violate any laws or other university policies, including policies stated in the Code of Student Life PDF, the Faculty Handbook PDF, and the Texas A&M University System Policy Manual.

Internet access is not filtered. The Cornette Library is responsible only for the content of its own Web site.

A copy of the West Texas A&M University policy on computer usage is available at Rules for Responsible Information Technology Usage PDF.

Community Use of Computers

WTAMU allows community members, when visiting Cornette Library, the privilege of using the Library's computers under the following conditions:

Any questions? Ask a Librarian, or call us at 806/651-2215.

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