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General Manager
Allison Myers - Operations Manager

Allison Myers

Allison Myers is responsible for the day to day operations of KWTS which includes supervision of staff, underwriting, promotions, marketing and community involvement. She is responsible for teaching radio practicum and FCC compliance.

Program Director
Martha Alvarez - Program Director

Martha Alvarez

Martha Alvarez ensures the delivery of programming across KWTS’s radio platforms. She also supervises on-air production, talent and special programming. Other duties include teaching radio practicum and FCC compliance.

Music Director
Avery Taylor - Music Director

Avery Taylor

Avery Taylor contacts and maintains contact with music/record reps. She manages and listens to all music and reports to the College Music Journal weekly for KWTS. To submit your music please contact her via email, phone (806.651.2801) or snail mail.

News Director
Kase Willbanks - News Director

Kase Wilbanks

Kase Wilbanks manages and directs the KWTS News team. The News Team broadcasts live news reports every weekday at 1 PM and 5 PM that covers the latest national and local news. Wilbanks also manages KWTS's weekly news feature that airs every Friday at 1PM.

Sports Director
Payton Northrup - Sports Director

Payton Northrup

Payton Northrup manages and directs the KWTS Sports team. The sports team broadcast live on KWTS for Football, Volleyball and basketball. The team also announces the WT Athletics web streams via (Soccer, Baseball and Softball). Northrup manages a weekly WT sports update that airs at 1PM on Fridays.

Graduate Assistant
Maddisun Fowler - Graduate Assistant

Maddisun Fowler

Maddisun Fowler is our department Graduate Assistant. She assists with the day to day operation of our department and helps with under grad classes.

Broadcast Engineer
Johnny Story - Broadcast Engineer

Johnny Story

Johnny Story, Broadcast Engineer for KWTS, attended West Texas A&M University from 2004-2009. When Story graduated, WT Athletics hired him as a Multimedia Developer. After 3 years with WT Athletics, Story was hired as the WT Broadcast Engineer in the summer of 2012. While attending WT, Story was the Program Director for KWTS.

Faculty Advisor
Randy Ray - Director of Broadcasting/Chief Engineer

Randy Ray

Randy Ray, Faculty Advisor for KWTS, spent more than 15 years in the Nashville, Tenn., broadcasting industry before returning to his alma mater as an instructor. While attending WT, He was the General Manager and Program Director for KWTS.


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General Manager

General Manager





KWTS Advisors

KWTS Advisors

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