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1. INFORMATION SECURITY:  Protect and safeguard the University’s electronic information resources from threats that have the potential to compromise the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of vital academic, research, and administrative assets.  Adjust and implement new and effective compensating controls as the threat landscape continues to change and evolve.  

2.  AMARILLO CENTER:  Design, plan, and implement the IT infrastructure and wide area networking to connect and support the new Amarillo Center facilities.         

3. SMART CLASSROOMS:  Continue the smart classroom room control system and projector upgrades while adding additional functionality to the learning space such as lecture capture systems, webcasting, and Apple TV’s and iPads for an additional whiteboard and application space for collaboration.    

4.  DATA ANALYTICS:  Provide the necessary framework, support, and system interfaces required to provide data exchanges between the Ellucian Colleague student information systems, the Blackboard learning management systems, Institutional Research, and the Civitas Learning platform.   

5.  DISASTER RECOVERY:  Complete the build out of the new disaster recovery co-location site at the Hastings Electronic Learning Center to accommodate varying degrees of system restoration scenarios.  Upgrade the hardware and software at the disaster recovery site in Amarillo as it transitions to the new facility.      

5. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE:  Upgrade the video surveillance network recording servers and application software and continue working with the University Police Department to determine new locations for adding surveillance cameras.