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Creative Request Form

Creative Request Form

Fill out the form below to request creative services from the Office of Communication and Marketing. Services to the campus are free of charge, however the client will be responsible for outside costs such as printing and postage. All clients will need to go through the following steps to help get their requested project to completion.

  1. Complete the creative request form
  2. Gather material for creative brief meeting (details in follow up email)
  3. Attend creative brief meeting
  4. Provide all desired content with two weeks of creative brief to ensure workflow placement
  5. Return revisions within two business days (three rounds of revisions is ideal)

The Office of Communication and Marketing reserves the right to enforce University brand and style guidelines as well as accessibility guidelines on all materials.

* required

Project Type

*** (include what department is affiliated with this account number)

NOTE: By submitting your creative request form you are officially participating with the Office of Communication and Marketing on this project, and you will be responsible for providing content for your requested material. A printed piece may take up to 6-8 weeks after all of the content is received. Communication and Marketing will make sure all material is in compliance with the University brand, style and accessibility guidelines. Someone will contact you soon. Thank you.