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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not listed here or simply want to give us feedback, please fill out the following form. This program is going to take all of us working together to move WTAMU from financial strain to financial success.

What is the I am WT program?
The I am WT program is West Texas A&M University’s annual fund alumni and faculty/staff giving program.

How is the I am WT program being funded?
Institutional Advancement (Development, Communication and Marketing and Alumni Relations) recognizes the need for the I am WT program. Several have chosen for their contributions are underwriting the campaign.  Other expenses are handled through the annual fund budget.

Why should I give to the I am WT program?
In 1974 the state funded 74 percent of our total budget, today state funding accounts for 37 percent of our total budget. In 2009-2010 our total budget was $114,599,883 and the state provided us with $43,840,835. As you can see there is quite a difference in the level of state funding today as compared to 30 years ago. This makes it necessary for WT to seek assistance from individual donors in order to absorb some of the impact of decrease in state funding.

How can you ask me to give when times are so tight and my insurance premiums keep rising?

We all share the economic realities of not getting a raise, gas prices rising and of rising health insurance costs while being painfully aware of the increasing need for funding at WT. With state appropriations being at their lowest levels in years, it is imperative for WT to seek support from our faculty, staff, alumni and supporters to help us move into our second century. If those closest to WT set a pattern of giving, then we can genuinely ask our alumni and supporters to join us as we all Share Our Pride.

What can I give to?
Within the I am WT program an individual will be able to give to whatever area on campus he/she would like to give to.

Where do I send my gift?
Gifts can be sent through campus mail to the annual fund office or mailed to WTAMU Box 60766 Canyon, TX 79016.

What is the annual fund?
The annual fund is a year-round fundraising program that raises money for scholarships, program and faculty development, facilities improvement and deans discretionary funds. The mission of the WTAMU Annual Fund is to develop a culture of giving back to the University through encouraging annual gifts by educating alumni, faculty, staff, students and parents concerning the needs of the University and gaining their involvement in all aspects of University life.

What does it cost to run WT?
In 2012-2013 our total budget was $115,537,646.

Can I give to athletics?
Absolutely! You choose where your donation goes.  Athletics, the PPHM, campus beautification, your alumni association dues - it all counts, it's all appreciated and it's all a part of showing you are WT!

How is WT improving academic and student life?
WT is constantly working to improve the quality of student life and academics for its students. We are improving current facilities to provide state-of-the-art learning experiences as well as building new ones. WT received a $1.5 million grant for the renovation of the former Palo Duro Hospital to be used as a University research facility. Centennial Hall, the University's newest residence hall, opened in the fall of 2012. The students voted yes to an increase in fees that will expand the JBK and created the new Buffalo Sports Park.  You've seen the new Buffalo Sports Park, as well as the progress on the newest dorm, Founders Hall.  WT is working hard to improve all areas of campus life.

What are the sources of WT’s income?
WT receives $38,093,498 from the state. We generate $38,081,781 in tuition and fee revenue and $39,362,367 in other locally generated funds.

How much student financial assistance does WT provide each year?
WT awards approximately $3.5 million each year in scholarships to new and continuing students, with the average award totaling $1,200 each year.

How does the I am WT program impact SECC?
The I am WT program has been structured in such a way that it will not detract from the SECC. Employees are encouraged to give to WT through the I am WT program in order for us to receive the maximum benefit. We encourage employees to continue to give to SECC to support other charitable organizations.


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