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I am WT!

I am WT. <

If you give to I am WT this year,
and have given to I am WT in the past,
then you will get this snazzy t-shirt.
I am WT t-shirt design. The text reads I am WT, while the am is in a heart.

The I am WT faculty and staff giving initiative has done it! Thanks to the incredible generosity of the WTAMU faculty and staff, we have raised more than $1,000,000. That's right, and 100 percent of that $1,000,000 goes back to the University. It's such an amazing accomplishment that we plan to celebrate big. Mark your calendars for September 30, or as we like to call it, Million Dollar Monday. MDM will be a come and go event from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Breakfast and lunch will be served with a happy hour from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. There will be lots of prizes, giveaways and luxurious activities. We want to show everyone that participated in I am WT just how appreciated they really are! Stay tuned for more information.  

The phrase was coined years ago, but it still rings true today—West Texas A&M University IS more than brick and mortar—it’s a community of friends and supporters who believe in the University and its mission and together, we can make a major difference in the life of the University.

“I am WT” began in fall 2010 as the WTAMU Faculty and Staff Annual Program to give employees an opportunity to give back to the University. The program has proven successful with 76 percent of faculty and staff members supporting WTAMU with gifts to areas of the University that are important to them. Their support reflects an engaged campus community that benefits our students, fosters pride and spreads Buff spirit.

At West Texas A&M University, we believe the passion that each of our supporters have for the University is an essential driving force in moving WTAMU into its second century of educational excellence. By giving, we are given the chance to invest in whatever it is that makes each of us WT.

When you give to the University, it's the students that will ultimately benefit. Whether you choose to advance WT athletics or give the gift of education to someone that may not otherwise be able to afford it, your offering will help to provide the highest quality experience possible for students at WTAMU.

Now is your chance to join us in our annual program.  Every gift serves a purpose and makes an immediate impact in the lives of our students and the University. Share your pride by becoming a part of the “I am WT” community.

You can make a one time or a monthly gift, and payroll deduction is an option. Download the Pledge Form or Give Online.

Our Frequently Asked Questions will hopefully provide any additional answers you may need about the program. If not, please ask us, we would love your feedback.

Building an even better WT is something we all can do together. WT has been a home to all of us, and now is the time to give back. The support of higher education has never been more crucial, and every gift makes a difference.

Are you WT? Share your pride…invest in our future.

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