Buff Allies Faculty and Staff Allies

Buff Allies


Faculty & Staff Allies

Advising Services
Alyson Ries, CC 110E
Paige Farley, Student Success Center

Agricultural Sciences
J. Tanner Robertson, ANS 114A

Art, Theatre, and Dance
Crystal Bertand, MMNH 275
Callie Hisek, FAC 119
Anne Medlock, FAC 120
Nik Peacock, FAC 132B

Art History
Amy Von Lintel, MMNH 180

Chemistry & Physics
Catherine Clewett, ANS 114D

College Talent Search
Angelica Medina, Old SUB 112G
April Ramirez, Old SUB 112H

Kris Drumheller,  FAC 192
Nancy Garcia, FAC 269
Connie McKee,  FAC 191

Communication & Marketing Services
Brittany Castillo, OM 231

Computer Information/Decision Management
Jeffry Babb, CC 208H

Cornette Library
Steve Ely
Pippin MacDonald
Timothy Huff

Counseling Services
Dayna Schertler, CC 116
Melody Youngblood, CC 116
Nathaniel Smith, CC 116

Diversity and Inclusion
Angela Allen, JBK 133G

Beth Garcia, OM 437
Frank Goode, Amarillo Center
Eddie Henderson, OM 410D

Yvette Castillo,  Amarillo Center 706
Leigh Green, Amarillo Center 703

English, Philosophy, & Modern Languages
Raylene Dysert, CC 325H
Monica Hart, CC 319J
Pat Tyrer, CC319G
Alex Hunt, CC 319H
Eric Meljac, CC 326E
Andrew Reynolds, CC 320D
Denise Moore, CC 326J
Timothy Foster, CC 320E

Extended Studies
Rebekah Grome, Old SUB 124
Fine Arts and Humanities
Harlee Bonilla, MMNH 161
Alyssa Paschel, FAC 112
First Year Experience
Ann Fry, JBK 133B

Graduate School
Cailyn Nymeyer
Jorje Ramos, KRC
Eric M. Sosa, KRC 158

Timothy Bowman, OM 407B
Elizabeth Clark, OM 403D
Matthew Reardon, OM 407B
Jean Stuntz, OM 405B
Berlin McIntosh, OM 407
Linda C. Collins

Institutional Research
Jessica Smith

International Student Office
Giselle Alvarado
Tin Nguyen

Kelly Hoppe, Cornette Library 149

Nick Gerlich, CC 213E

Don Clewett, CC 421H

McNair Scholars Program
Victoria Salas, Killgore Research Center Suite 170

Robert Hansen, FAC 202
Chris Meerdink, FAC 213
Tracy See, MMNH 1012
Cloyce Kuhnert, FAC 212
Lyndi Williams, FAC 202/219
Suzanne Ramo-Gechter, FAC 213
Sarah Wildey Richmond, FAC 221

Nationally Competitive Scholarships
Laura Seals, CC 115B

Lance Hadley, OM 310C
Lisa Davis, OM 308E
Laura Waight, OM 308D
Vicki Hartin, OM 309B
Shaina Dulakis, OM 315B

Political Science
Anand Commissiong, OM 404B
Chris Macaulay, OM 424E

Maxine Debutte, OM 432C
Kenneth Denton, OM 425
Mun Yee Kwan, OM 422
Ashley Pinkham, OM 432C

Purchasing / Process Improvement
Tammy Stamps, Purchasing 106

Recreational Sports
Sharon Murdock, VHAC 124A

Kaitlin Jones, OM 103

Residential Living
Kat Kane, Residential Living Office (Centennial Hall)
Jeff Sulik, Residential Living Office (Centennial Hall)
David M. Wilson, Residential Living Office (Centennial Hall)
Abigail Betts, Cross Hall
Braden Malone (RA), Jones Hall 

Sponsored Research
Kaaren Downey

Sports and Exercise Science
Vanessa Fiaud, VHAC 230

Student Engagement and Leadership
Miguel Soto, JBK 103
Darcy Webber, JBK 103

Student Support Services
Megan Whitten, JBK 136
Meghan Williams, CC 115D (Student Success Center)

University Police Department
Barbara Ferrara, Old Sub/UPD
Zach Nethery, Old Sub/UPD
Jeffrey Schiller, Old Sub/UPD

Spectrum WT & Student Allies

Carolina Brea
Abbie Fred
Alice Higgins
John Lerma
Jered Lopez
Lindsey O'Neal
Sonja Saenz
Erica Smith
Jake Splawn
Sarah A. West
Kyontasia Wilson
Stefanie Wilt


Alumni & Community Allies

Alumni & Community Support
Lana King
Bekki McQuay
Stephen Potter
James Skaggs
Olivia Trabysh
Reese Beddingfield
Melonie Johnson
MIsty McKinney
Amy Barton
Cyn Palmer

Equality Texas
Lisa Starr
Kim Nethery

Family Support Services - (806) 342-2500
Kristy Roberts
Jesus Valiente

First Christian Church
Mark Weathers

Haven Health Clinic
Pam Flores
Abril Vasquez

Managed Care Center for Addiction & Other Disorders
Diane Wilson

Palo Duro High School - (806) 676-7967
Caleb Baker, Counseling

Panhandle Criminal Defense Attorney
David Christopher Hesse

River Road High School - (806) 383-8867
Angela Fennell, Counseling
Kara Gorman, Counseling

Tornado Alley CrossFit
Adam Gonzales