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Spanish Film Club: Bienvenido Mr Marshall
Date: 9/24/13 - 9/24/13
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: CC 314


Luis García Berlanga / 1953 / 78 min / Spanish with English subtitles

The little village of Villar del Río is awaiting the song performance of Carmen Vargas, 'The Great Andalusian Star'. The quiet village is governed by a deaf, naughty, and good-natured Mayor, who's only seeking the way to give life to the place. At the same time good news comes to the village: the arrival of important North American personalities that will give economic aid to the nation city by city, village by village. The Mayor doesn't know what to do to welcome them. Carmen Vargas's agent introduces surprising initiatives, moving all the village people to prepare a better reception for the foreigners. His idea is to disguise all the farmers as Andalusians and add color to every street with typical decorations. All of them start to work, and also to dream and think about what they're going to request of the Americans, who will come with lots of dollars.

For more information, contact Dr. Òscar Santos-Sopena