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Destination WT

Destination WT

A Partnership with Area Two-Year Colleges

Destination WT provides a way for students that have just started at an area community college to plan now for transfer. By doing so, students get special benefits like an application fee waiver and will have a scholarship waiting when they arrive at WT! 

Eligibility Requirements

Destination WT is currently only available to students that meet the following requirements: 

 1.  Are currently enrolled at one of the following institutions:

  • Amarillo College
  • Clarendon College
  • Frank Phillips College
  • South Plains College

2.  Have earned fewer than 25 credit hours

3. Meet regular transfer admission requirements

Students who do not meet the above requirements need to complete the Apply Texas Application for Transfers.

Apply Now for Destination WT

When you sign up for Destination WT, you are also completing a special application for admission. You don't pay an application fee, and you won't have to complete another application later! The application link is HERE.

Students participating in Destination WT receive these special benefits:

  • Waived application fee to WT.
  • Early admission to WTAMU and the academic program of choice. *
  • A Degree Checklist for intended college and major of interest. The Degree Checklist outlines required courses for  a bachelor’s degree at WT by major program, including the courses you can complete at your two-year institution toward this goal. 
  • An assigned transfer counselor from WT.
  • Invitations to sporting, cultural, and special events at WTAMU free of charge.
  • Up to $1,500 in guaranteed annual scholarships upon transfer (junior and senior years) based on academic performance--minimum 3.0 GPA transferable credit--at the two-year college. Program participants must complete the general scholarship application by the published priority date of Feb 1 and meet all other transfer guarantee conditions. 

          * Enrollment is conditional upon successful completion of academic requirements outlined in the Transfer Plan

Is Destination WT right for you?

In order to participate and receive all of the benefits, you will need to plan to complete an associate's degree or at least 52 credit hours at your community college with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Transferring to WT before reaching this point ends your participation and opportunities for guaranteed scholarships. The program is designed to help students make early preparations for transfer...but encourage and support enrollment at the community college for the first two years. Keep this in mind as you consider joining the program.

If you do decide to participate in Destination WT, you'll get lots of great benefits and transfer when you are ready.

Join Destination WT now

Eligible students who wish to participate in Destination WT may go directly to the Destination WT Online Application. It doesn't cost anything and you have so much to gain by planning for transfer now!