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Purchasing and Inventories Procurement Card

Procurement Card

The purpose of the procurement card program is to provide University employees with a more efficient way to purchase day-to-day supplies. The use of the procurement card is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing procedures set forth by the State of Texas. To obtain a procurement card, complete the Procurement Card Application and submit to the Purchasing office. 

Reminder: Reporting dates are from the 4th of the month to the 3rd of the following month with the exception of August and September.

Transaction Allocation and Log Due Dates - Dates are Subject to Change

Month  Due Date
August 2016 Year End - TBD
September 2016 Friday October 7 @ 5:00 pm
October 2016 Wednesday November 9 @ 5:00
November 2016 Thursday December 8 @ 5:00 pm
December 2016 Monday January 9 @t 5:00 pm

January 2017

Thursday February 9 @ 5:00 pm
February 2017 Thursday March  9th @ 5:00 pm
March 2017 Friday April 7 @ 5:00 pm
April 2017 Tuesday May 9th @ 5:00 pm
May 2017 Thursday June 8 at 5:00 pm
June 2017 Monday July 10 @ 5:00 pm
July 2017

Wednesday August 8th @ 5:00 pm

Training and Reference Material

Cardholder Allocation Guide - provides instructions for cardholders to allocate monthly charges

/webres/File/Purchasing/Citibank%20Procurement%20Card%20Training%20FY%202015-2016.pptx information for cardholders about the procurement card program

Citibank ProCard Procedure Manual- information about procurement card rules and regulations     

Information regarding Vendors on Hold with the State of Texas - for procard purchases over $500.00

Level Manager Guide - information for departmental secretaries and department heads for allocations

Citibank Allocation Website - Monthly allocation Website

https://mycpa.cpa.state.tx.us/tpasscmblsearch/  - HUB Vendors List

Procurement Card Forms

ProCard Exception Form - received all goods except the following items

Tax Exempt Form -  State of Texas Tax Exemption Form

Gift Card Purchase Form 

Missing Receipt Form

B & H Photo purchases - please contact Bryan Glenn

Contact Us 

Bryan Glenn - Purchasing Director
Mickie Scantling - Procurement Card