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Staff Hiring Procedures

Staff Hiring Procedure and Flowchart

To fill a staff vacancy, please complete the following:

  • Complete an Exception to the Hiring Freeze (to be fillable this document must be opened in Adobe Acrobat)
  • Update the TAMUS Position Description for the vacancy to be filled
  • Email the completed hiring freeze form and updated Microsoft Word version of the TAMUS position description to hr@wtamu.edu
  • Human Resources will send the hiring freeze form and position description through ImageNow for approvals.  Human Resources will contact the hiring manager when approval has been received.

Staff Process Forms

Tuition Assistance

Payroll Forms

Payroll Action Form Process:

When it is determined that there is a need for a Payroll Action Form - a new hire, a change in salary, a change in account number, a one-time payment, overtime payments, etc. - please follow the process below:

Please include the requester's name and department on the Payroll Action Form and Employment Information Form.  Please email (as attachments) all completed payroll forms to payroll@wtamu.edu.  Completed payroll forms that are emailed to Payroll will be sent through a queue for approvals.

Master Pay Plan

  • The WTAMU Master Pay Plan contains job titles and job codes for each position and is published for your convenience.  This document is updated on a monthly basis, if you are saving it to your hard drive please check to make sure you have the most recent copy.  *Pages have been bookmarked for your convenience - just go to the table of contents and click on the page you are looking for.

Applicant Letter Templates

Faculty Hiring Forms

Faculty Hiring Procedure and Flowchart