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Human Resources Forms


Download forms, fill out and email or return to Human Resources.

Staff Hiring Procedures

Staff Hiring Procedure and Flowchart

To fill a staff vacancy, please complete the following:

  • Complete an Exception to the Hiring Freeze (to be fillable this document must be opened in Adobe Acrobat)
  • Update the TAMUS Position Description for the vacancy to be filled
  • Email the completed hiring freeze form and updated Microsoft Word version of the TAMUS position description to hr@wtamu.edu
  • Human Resources will send the hiring freeze form and position description through ImageNow for approvals.  Human Resources will contact the hiring manager when approval has been received.
  • If you are providing volunteer services you must fill this out.

Staff Process Forms

Tuition Assistance

Sick Leave Donation
Direct donations of accrued sick leave can now be given directly to a recipient by completing the following:  Donor form and Recipient form.

Payroll Forms

Payroll Action Form Process:

When it is determined that there is a need for a Payroll Action Form - a new hire, a change in salary, a change in account number, a one-time payment, overtime payments, etc. - please follow the process below:

Please include the requester's name and department on the Payroll Action Form and Employment Information Form.  Please email (as attachments) all completed payroll forms to payroll@wtamu.edu.  Completed payroll forms that are emailed to Payroll will be sent through a queue for approvals.

Master Pay Plan

  • WTAMU is currently in the process of updating all of it's position descriptions and pay plans.  If  you are currently opening a position and are in need of either or both of these items please contact Mark Hiner for assistance at mhiner@wtamu.edu

Applicant Letter Templates

Faculty Hiring Forms

Faculty Hiring Procedure and Flowchart