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 Fire Safety

 In the event of a fire, dial 911 immediately and do not panic.  Inform others in your immediate area to exit the building.

 The Environmental Safety Office at West Texas A&M University conducts fire and life safety inspections of campus buildings  and assists with the testing of all fire detection and suppression systems.

 Fire extinguishers are located throughout WTAMU facilities. Remember that fire extinguishers are most effective with small, contained fires.  Familiarize yourself with the location, type, and instructions on the fire extinguishers.

 Contact the Environmental Safety Office (ext. 2134) to schedule fire extinguisher training.

 NEVER try to fight a fire that is too big for an extinguisher.  When in doubt, evacuate immediately!

Always Remember:

  >Don’t panic
  >Don’t use elevators
  >Don’t be a spectator
  >Don’t open hot doors

 When evacuating, stay at least 100 feet away from the building and keep clear of fire department trucks, crew, and equipment.

 In case of fire, the best way out may not be the way in...
  have an exit strategy

 When a fire breaks out in a crowded place, people almost always head for the front door. It’s the one exit they know. It’s the one exit everyone knows. That’s why, when you enter a public place or building you’re not familiar with, give yourself exit options. Take a moment to look around and see where other exits are located, so you’ll know where best to go in case a fire breaks out.


 Academic and Research Environmental Health and Safety - Standard Operating Procedures

 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

 Food Safety
 Visitor Safety 


 CPR/AED Training

 West Texas A&M University offers free CPR/AED training through Student Medical Services (Virgil Henson Activities Center Room #104) for students, faculty, and staff. Please take the initiative to make our campus a safer place by signing up today!
 For more information call Student Medical Services #806-651-3287