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Study Abroad Pre-Departure


Form Deadlines:

  Winter/Spring May/Summer/Fall
Study Abroad Application October 15th February 15th
Pre-Approval of Course Credit (Individual) October 15th February 15th
IEF Scholarship Application October 15th NOW: February 28th
Specific Program Application Set by Provider Set by Provider
Visa Appointment December 1st  April 1st
Pre-Departure Orientation Mid-December Early May
Terms of Participation At Pre-Departure At Pre-Departure
Medical Consent and Emergency Contact Form At Pre-Departure At Pre-Departure

You’ve chosen a program, now what?

Before you depart on your study abroad program, there is a multitude of tasks to complete to properly prepare for this experience.

  1.      Do you have a passport? If not, apply early! You should apply at least 4 months before your departure. For information on how to apply, view our Apply or Renew Passport instructions by clicking here.
  2.       Complete your WTAMU Study Abroad Application. The earlier the better! Applications for Winter Intersession & Spring are due Oct. 15th. Applications for Summer and Fall are due Feb. 15th. To download the application, click here.
  3.       Complete a Pre-Approval of Courses form. This document is an agreement between you and your advisor of how your study abroad courses will transfer back to WT. To download this form, click here. This must be completed and turned in with your Study Abroad Application by Oct. 15th.
  4.       Next, you should complete the WTAMU Study Abroad Scholarship Application. To download this application, click here. You must have at least a 2.50 Cumulative GPA to qualify for this scholarship. For more information about the criteria used to evaluate IEF Scholarship Applications, click here.
  5.       Apply to specific program. Each program will have their own application process and separate deadlines. Please be aware that these may vary from our deadlines. Any students on a Faculty-Led Program will not have a separate application.
  6.       Review outside scholarship opportunities especially those offered through your Program Provider. Each scholarship will have it’s own deadline and criteria. Please seek out this information before applying for outside scholarships.
  7.       A visa application and appointment should be completed 2 months before your departure date. The deadlines above are recommendations. Most Visa applications require an appointment the Consulate General of that country. For more information on obtaining a student visa, please visit www.travel.state.gov. From there, select your country of destination on the left hand side of the page. Click on the Entry/Exit Requirements for U.S. Citizens for the given country. This will list requirements and provide a link to the country’s Embassy or immigration services. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please make an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad by emailing us at studyabroad@wtamu.edu.
  8.       Book your plane ticket!!! These typically are not included in the costs of the program. Students will be responsible to purchase their planet ticket at their own expense before financial aid reimbursements. If you are on a Faculty-Led program, the tickets are typically included in the program costs.
  9.       Set-up Direct Deposit on your tuition account. This will ensure that your financial aid will deposit into your personal account for use while in another country.
  10.     At your Pre-Departure Orientation, you will complete all of the Emergency and Liability forms. This includes the Terms of Participation and Medical Consent and Emergency Contact Form. The Office of Study Abroad will give an orientation that covers many of your concerns and provides tips for the first-time traveler. For more information on the topics covered at this orientation, click on our Safety and Health page. At this meeting, you will receive a CISI Insurance Card, which is to be kept on your person at all times. You will also be provided with a Pre-Departure packet that students may read over at their convenience. Students will be required to pay for their insurance through the Office of Study Abroad. For amounts and payment methods, please contact us at studyabroad@wtamu.edu or (806) 651-5309.
  11.    Cover personal needs like forwarding mail, arranging for plants to be watered, storing your car, etc.
  12.    Pack, board a plane, and have the time of your life!

Post-Program Forms:

Study Abroad Evaluation

Affidavit of Participation