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Study Abroad FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What does WT expect from me if I participate in a study abroad program?
While you are abroad, the WTAMU Code of Student Life applies, so WT expects the same behavior and academic results even if you are miles away from campus. We want you to enjoy your experience abroad, but always remembering that you are an Ambassador of West Texas A&M University and the impression you give to others about yourself will also be the image they create of WT.

Will I have to delay graduation?
Not necessarily. With planning, you can remain on track to graduate in four years and still study abroad for up to a year. Plan early and work closely with your college, academic advisers and study abroad coordinator to design the best course of study. Some find it best to remain at WTAMU for an extra semester or year after studying abroad because of the new focus they gained overseas. Your own circumstances and needs will determine the best course of action for you.
Will this matter… in my future?
If you are wondering whether a study abroad program will matter to your future employer or grad school or not, the answer is “yes”. Nowadays, employers look for international experience when hiring, and it will also represent a competitive advantage for you if you are thinking about graduate school. There are uncountable skills that develop as a consequence of studying abroad. This type of experience will have a huge positive impact not only in your life, but also on your resume!