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Sports and Exercise Science All Level PE Teaching

Department of Sports and Exercise Sciences

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)/ Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree

May be either depending on option selected.

Major in Sports and Exercise Sciences-All Levels PE (Major Code: 462)

This major provides an in-depth teaching curriculum for those who wish to teach in the public schools and coach as an extracurricular assignment.  The curriculum focuses on physical education instruction for all grade levels.  The degree includes coursework necessary to prepare for state-required teacher certification examinations related to the content (teaching) area. 

The degree includes the following courses:

  • SES 2342, 2355, 3304, 3311, 3320, 3321, 3356, 4302, 4322.
  • Professional Education Core (21 hours plus six hours additional requirements).
  • Second Teaching Field (24 hours)

NOTE: For teacher certification requirements, refer to the Department of Education section of your catalog.

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