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Song Collaborators Consortia

Song Collaborators Consortia

Who We Are

We are singers, pianists, composers, theorists, musicologists and any other musician that love art song. We recognize art song as a unique and self-sustaining art form that gives us insight into the human experience. The SCC was founded in Fall of 2011 by Dr. Christopher Meerdink, dedicated to the performance of art song and the commissioning of new works.

Art Song Festival

The Song Collaborators Consortia Art Song Festival is a National conference surrounding the topic of art song. We gather together every one to one and a half years to sing for each other and present sessions relating to some aspect of art song composition, analysis, and/or performance. Our sessions and performances take place on the campus of West Texas A&M University and at the Fibonacci Building in Downtown Amarillo, home of Chamber Music Amarillo.

Commissioning new works

Those interested in the work of a specific composer may submit a proposal to the SCC and the general membership to raise support and funds for the commissioning of new works. The SCC will use the Kickstarter website to advertise and raise funds. Those contributing 20% or more of the commissioning fee will be awarded the right to premiere the work at their institution or in their home territory. All premier performances can be submitted to the SCC for performance of the work at the next SCC Art Song Festival and to have the performance posted on the SCC website.

2017 Art Song Festival

The 2017 Art Song Festival will be held from March 8-10 on the campus of West Texas A&M University and the Fibonacci Building in downtown Amarillo, home of Chamber Music Amarillo. Registration and song proposals will be accepted until January 31, 2017. Every attempt is made to accommodate all registration requests. Schedule

Featured performances:

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Travel and Registration

Registrants from out of town should plan to fly into Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. I will arrange shuttle service from the airport to the hotel with advance notice. Reduced rates will be available from this hotels: Holiday Inn and Suites Express, Canyon, TX, (806) 655-4445. Please reference Song Collaborators Consortia when making your reservations. A registration fee of $100 applies to each individual participating. A registration fee of $40 applies to those who wish to attend all the daytime events as an audience member.

Please make checks or money orders out to: Song Collaborators Consortia

Send Checks or money orders to: c/o Chris Meerdink, Campus P.O. Box 60879, West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX 79016