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Application Procedures for Music at WT

What to do now?

Preliminary Exams

(1st Time Freshman)

You should take either the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT I) and designate the West Texas A&M University at Canyon as a score recipient. The ACT School Code is 4250 and the SAT School Code is 6938. You may contact the provider of your test to have your scores sent to WT. It can take more than a month for your scores to reach the WT office of admissions.

Apply to WTAMU and for Scholarships

Make sure all the items required to make your application complete arrive in the Office of Admissions as soon as possible.  More information on required materials from the Office of Admissions.

a. Application for admission with required fee - Texas Common Application*

b. Official high school and any college transcripts

c. TAKS scores (for Texas residents attending a public school)

d. Entrance exam scores on the ACT or SAT I

*Applicants to WTAMU are not required to answer page 5 ("extracurricular, personal, volunteer activities") or page 6 ("employment information") on the Texas Common Application.

e. Apply for WT scholarships at the same time as you apply for admission. The application can be found on the Scholarship Application Page.

Set up an Audition Date or Submit a Distance Audition

Fill out the online WTAMU School of Music audition form and request an audition date. Please note the audition date application deadlines. You must apply before the deadline for the date you wish to audition. All prospective Music students, regardless of their choice of degree plan must audition to be admitted into the School of Music. Plan to audition early, as space is limited for the later audition dates. 

Prospective students may also audition by submitting an audition video (DVD, or Electronic). Please contact the Music Recruiter (contact data below) for more information. The audition requirements are the same for both face-to-face and distance auditions. 

Audition Requirements

Instrumentalists should contact the music recruiter for current requirements (806-651 2841).

Vocalist Auditions

Undergraduate Voice:

Graduate Voice:

Two Songs

Five songs

1. Song in a foreign language 1-4. The program must consist of four different languages: French, German, Italian, and English.
2. Song of your choice from the classical music repertoire 5. Another selection must be an aria from the standard opera or oratorio repertoire.

Your audition will also include a sight-reading exercise and a short interview.


If you are a transfer student your program must reflect junior level competency before being allowed to enroll in upper level voice. For transfer students the requirement is three songs in three languages and one selection being an aria from standard opera or oratorio repertoire.

Scholarships are available to select students who show potential for excellence in their chosen field.

Transfer students from Amarillo College are eligible for the Mila Gibson scholarship upon transfer.

University Contact Information

School of Music
WTAMU Box 60879
Canyon, TX 79016

Music Recruiter 806-651-2841
School of Music 806-651-2840
Band Office 806-651-2854
Choir Office 806-651-2846

Office of Admissions
WTAMU Box 60745
Canyon, TX  79016

Financial Services
Fax: 806-651-2924

Residential Living
WTAMU Box 60878
Canyon, Texas 79016
Fax: 806-651-3010

WT Mailing Address
West Texas A&M University
2501 Fourth Avenue
Canyon, TX 79016