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PACE (Panhandle Certification for Educators)

PACE is a highly respected, university-based, online Texas teacher certification program that offers

  • Full Texas Teacher Certification Within 12 Months
  • Online Courses
  • Graduate Course Credit Leading to a Master's degree
  • Job Alerts and Career Counseling

How Do I Become a Certified Texas Teacher?

What Does PACE Cost?

Step 1 Pass TExES content exam(PACT testing) and apply to PACE

Step 2 Complete online (110 hrs) first module to get ready for PPR and (40 hrs) second module on classroom management - 150 hrs (continuous enrollment and self-paced)

Step 3 Complete 40-clock hours of Field Experience

Step 4 Complete online pre-employment orientation

Step 5 Upon successful completion of steps 1-4, you are now eligible to be employed by a school district

Step 6 Complete 40-clock hours of WTAMU online training in reading

Step 7 Apply to WTAMU Graduate school. Complete two WTAMU graduate courses (6 semester credit hours) online

Step 8 Successfully complete one year of employment as a classroom teacher and pass PPR exam

Apply Now or contact Pyxa Sovilay, PACE Adviser at 806-651-2613 or psovilay@wtamu.edu

*Substitutions for undergraduate coursework may apply if contingently admitted before final semester of graduation.(Must apply prior to final semester)

Pace Course Rotation