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West Texas Office of Evaluation and Research

West Texas Office of Evaluation and Research

The West Texas Office of Evaluation and Research (WTER) is a diverse group of faculty and staff with expertise and experience in research, grants, and evaluation. Our scholars are committed to providing high quality feedback-both quantitative and qualitative-to program directors and funding agencies through

  • Focus GroupFocus Groups
  • Ethnographic interviews
  • Scaling
  • Questionnaire creation
  • Surveys
  • Online data collection
  • Data/statistical analysis

Our associates consist of University faculty holding doctorates in statistics, political science, public health, education, nursing, communication, and more. They also all have extensive experience in grants and grant evaluation, are members of the American Evaluation Association, and graduates of programs at the Evaluators' Institute and Western Michigan's Evaluation Center. In short, the associates at the West Texas Office of Evaluation and Research are professionals, committed to providing you with the best and most accurate data, and committed to aid you in understanding that data.

For more information, contact Judy Kelley at (806) 651-8775.


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  • Bloodborne Pathogens
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  • President's Undergraduate Student Research
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  • Compliance Committee (IRB, IACUC and Others)
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