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Music Mission Statement

Mission Statement, Department Goals and Objectives


The department of music is dedicated to providing a high quality baccalaureate and graduate education in music and supporting the university undergraduate core curriculum courses using traditional delivery systems (i.e., private instruction, organized classroom instruction, and distance learning). Educating and training students for careers in music education, music therapy, music-related business, composition or performance constitute the major emphasis of the department. The department also provides cultural enrichment to the entire Panhandle region through performances and outreach programs by its faculty and students, on and off campus.

Department Goals

To continue to offer class work, ensemble performance, and applied lessons on a level that has brought the department to its present status and recognition in the field of music.

To maintain a quality faculty (both with regard to number of music faculty and their specific discipline) by rewarding good teaching efforts with promotion, tenure, and merit pay increases as opportunity permits and recruiting the most qualified replacement personnel within the limitations of number of faculty authorized by the university administration, salary, space limitations, and so forth.

To seek and enroll qualified music students in the various applied areas and degree programs necessary to maintain full teaching loads and balanced in a way so that performance ensembles are appropriately staffed.

Department Objectives

To maintain a presence in the state with regard to performance excellence by appearances at the Texas Music Educators Association conference, Showcase of Music concert, junior/senior/graduate recitals, and area tours by the major performing organizations.

To prepare students to enter the job market or to continue more specialized education at the master's level, the success of which is measured by the number of students who receive teacher certification through the statewide TExES examination (or board certification in the case of a music therapist), successful job placement in the teaching/music therapy/music-related business professions or acceptance into graduate programs in composition or performance.