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Please read the submission guidelines before submitting your work to legacy@wtamu.edu.

Past Contest Winners

Weird Stories & Dark Tales, Fall 2017

To be announced!

Beloved or Bloody Valentines, Spring 2017

  • First Place - "Ode to Texas" by Kane Pittman
  • Second Place - "I Loved a Lie" by Megan K. Miller
  • Third Place - "The Price" by R. Ben Todd

Beloved or Bloody Valentines, Spring 2014

  • First Place - "Chemistry" by Mattie McAlvy
  • Second Place - "Someone Another Mentioned" by Melissa McCallum
  • Third Place - "The Reality of Love" by Alex Holden Martinez

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2013

  • First Place, "They Were So Proud" by Alex Holden Martinez
  • Second Place "Untitled" by Danielle Kiper
  • Third Place "Surrender" by Jeffrey Schiller

Beloved or Bloody Valentines, Spring 2013

  • First Place - "Strawberry" by Caleb Baker
  • Second Place - "Coattails and Gold Doubloons" by Miranda Jade Parman
  • Third Place - "For the Love of Murder" by Megan Moore

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2012

  • First Place - "Soul 666" by Bethany Jones
  • Second Place - "Nothing to Fear" by Joshua West
  • Third Place - I'm Alive! by Rebekah St. Clair

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2011

  • Winning Selection - "Mosquitoes" by Chris Hudson
  • First Runner-Up - "The Static" by Trenton K. Roberson
  • Second Runner-Up - "Chomp, Slurp, Mash, Gnash" by Graham Sample
  • Honorable Mention - "Schhk" by J. Adam Gibbs

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2010

  • First Place Winner - "Hunting Trip" by Michael Boyles
  • First Runner-Up - "Corpse Grindin' Man" by Brant Nelson
  • Second Runner-Up- "Los Muertos y Los Muriendos" by Dominick Miller
  • Honorable Mention - "A Taxi" by Trent Roberson

Beloved or Bloody Valentine Edition, Spring 2010

  • First Place Winner - "Cantor" by Summer Fenwick
  • Second Place Winner - "Snowmen" by Jonathan Baker
  • Third Place Winner - "Milwaukee Avenue" by Sarah Stone

Weird Stories and Dark Tales, Fall 2009

  • First Place Winner - "Tree Line" by Tim Reed
  • Second Place Winner - "Non Cogito" by Joseph Ammons
  • Third Place Winner - "Sleep is a Blessing that Comes Nightly" by Jonathan Baker
  • Honorable Mention - "Solitary Confinement" by Joshuah O'Brien