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Learning Assessment

Office of Learning Assessment


The mission of the Office of Learning Assessment is to support and assist assessment efforts across the university, particularly those dealing with university-wide learning assessment and accreditation.


The Office of Learning Assessment at West Texas A&M University exists to:
  1. Facilitate and support academic program-level assessment of student learning;
  2. Promote institutional effectiveness efforts across the university; and,
  3. Support university accreditation efforts.


Efforts of the Office of Learning Assessment have direct impact on the following:

  1. University assessment representatives being able to employ an acceptable assessment cycle for their particular department or unit;
  2. University Learning Assessment Committee (ULAC) members being able to interpret and explain all components of the university assessment cycle at West Texas A&M University (WTAMU);
  3. ULAC members being able to evaluate a learning assessment cycle; and,
  4. A comprehensive assessment report concerning Core Curriculum (CORE), General Learning Outcomes (GLOs), and Academic Disciplines (DSKs) to be arranged, designed, published, and distributed to WTAMU stakeholders.

Learning Assessment Across the University

In order to support the University's mission, the Office of Learning Assessment coordinates the systematic institutional and program level annual assessments of three major areas of student learning. We refer to these areas as

  1. Discipline Specific Knowledge (DSK),
  2. University Core Curriculum (Core), and
  3. University General Learning Outcomes (GLOs).

For more information on each of these components, please click on the link provided.