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Instructional Design and Technology Graduate Program Fine Print

Masters Degree in
Instructional Design and Technology

Core Courses

You'll need to take three of these as part of your program. They are a Texas state requirement. Students often transfer in credit for these courses, if they have already taken equivalent graduate courses at another institution, so they don't take them here. Expect to study some generally applicable topics to both business and education,  like Human Development.

Instructional Design and Technology Courses

All IDT Students also take nine design or technology courses, such as these:



EDT 6305/6384


These courses cover skills beyond the basics in database, presentation software, spreadsheet analysis, and publishing

EDT 6310 INSTRUCTIONAL ANIMATION This is also where you learn computer animation with Adobe Animate.
EDT 6355 COMPUTER VIDEOGRAPHY Learn the right way to shoot and edit video with Adobe Premiere Professional.
EDT 6380 DESIGNING EFFECTIVE INTERNET SITES Building Web sites with Adobe Dreamweaver. Teaching/Learning sites are stressed, but all sites are really Teaching/Learning sites! 
EDT 6382 ADVANCED WEB DESIGN Build on what you learned in EDT 6380 to build truly professional skills in Web Design in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML5. Great Web Designers are always in demand.
EDT 6385/6392 INDIVIDUALIZED TOPICS AND PROJECTS Prepare for and execute projects in online INTERACTIVE learning objects with Captivate, large scale educational publishing with InDesign, and photography manipulation with PhotoShop. Additional options may be available during intercessions.

Dr. Rose is always willing to work with students to match your midterm and final projects to your interests. This assures that you will working on projects that are meaningful to you!