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Human Performance Research Laboratory

Human Performance Research Laboratory

The Human Performance Research Laboratory (HPRL) was established to provide opportunities for multidisciplinary instruction, academic research and community outreach.

The HPRL fulfills this mission by:

  • Supporting undergraduate and graduate instruction through shared laboratory experiences in a state-of-the art teaching/research facility

  • Facilitating student and faculty-initiated research projects (both basic and applied)

  • Presenting research findings at local, state, regional, national and international conferences

  • Publishing research findings in top-tier national and international journals

  • Offering superior health, fitness and performance testing services to all members of the Texas Panhandle

Current Research Projects: 

  • Effect of dietary quercetin supplementation in irritable bowel syndrome symptomology in female endurance athletes

  • Effect of dietary quercetin supplementation on immune function in a multi-gender endurance athlete population

  • Effect of Self Myofacial Release on hamstring flexibility, pain and competition scoring in equestrian riders

  • Effect of pro-hormone supplementation on body composition, cardiovascular function and strength measures in male resistance trainers

  • Effect of β-Hydroxy β-methylbutyric acid (HMB) supplementation on immune function and delayed onset muscle soreness in a multi-gender sprint athlete population  

Health/Fitness/Performance Testing Offered:

Peak Aerobic Power (VO2max)

Respiratory gas and 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) data analyzed during maximal treadmill or cycling exercise.  Analyzes your peak aerobic power, ventilatory threshold and fitness level. A must for the serious endurance athlete.

Peak Anaerobic Power (Wingate)

30 seconds of maximal cycling exercise. Analyzes your peak anaerobic power, mean anaerobic power and rate of decline. A must for the serious sprint athlete.

Body Composition (BF%)

Body fat % assessed by either hydrodensitometry (SEE=1%) or skinfold (SEE = 3.5%) analysis.  A must for anyone beginning a weight loss (or weight gain) regimen.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Respiratory gas data collected during 30 minutes of supine rest.  Analyzes your energy expenditure at rest.  When coupled with a dietary analysis this test determines if you are in caloric excess or deficiency and consuming proper macronutrient and micronutrient ratios.  A must for anyone looking to accurately track their daily energy expenditure and modify their diet.

Physiological Assessment (PA)

The complete package! Includes VO2max, BF% and tests of muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.  Your results are compared to national standards to pinpoint your overall health/fitness level.

Fee Structure

Current fee structure and further testing protocol details.

Information and Appointments

For further testing information or to schedule an appointment please contact Jorge Granados or call 806.651.2374.  

HPRL Location

Physical Location:  The HPRL is located in VHAC 201 on the 2nd floor of the Virgil Henson Activities Center (Campus map Building 29) on the West Texas A&M University campus.

Mailing and Contact Address: 

West Texas A&M University
Human Performance Research Laboratory
WTAMU Box 60216
Canyon, TX 79016
Telephone: 806.651.2374
Fax: 806.651.2379
Email: HPRL