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Doctoral Program

Nance Ranch

          Feedlot Research Facilities at Nance Ranch.


West Texas A&M University is proud to offer our first Ph.D. The degree is in Agriculture and has a "Systems" approach.


One thing that life teaches is that all things are interdependent. Plants, animals, economics, energy input, energy outputs and more impact one another. One decision cascades to unintended consequences. This program is designed to help the student understand and study these interconnections. It is the hope of this program that with better understanding of the systems and interconnection fewer detrimental unintended consequences will occur.

Nationally Recognized Faculty

The faculty at WTAMU are nationally recognized. Numerous federally funded projects are in progress. Studies are ongoing on food safety, aquifer quality, odor control, energy production byproducts, beef production, plant and soil science, agricultural economics, and much more. You can be a part of this exciting enterprise.

Student Support

All of our students pursuing a doctoral degree receive university support. Some opportunities are available to teach undergraduate students and other opportunities are available to work with faculty in research.

Student Success

We recognize we are a young program. However, we are proud of the fact that 100% of our graduates have jobs working in the field of agriculture as professors and scientists.

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