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Gender Studies Faculty and Affiliated Staff

Gender Studies Faculty and Affiliated Staff

WTAMU offers students an opportunity to study and explore topics of gender and women’s studies with faculty members from across the university. In these courses, students will examine the history of gender, contemporary conceptualizations of gender and women’s studies, and the ways in which gender operates and is understood in various disciplines. These courses will enable students to think critically about gender and sexuality and apply this knowledge in a variety of professional settings.

Art History

Photo of Amy Von Lintel

Dr. Amy Von Lintel – avonlintel@wtamu.edu
Assistant Professor of Art History and Director of the Gender Studies Certificate Program
Areas of interest: women artists and art historians, gender as represented in art and visual culture, feminist theory


Dr. Alison Berry – aberry@wtamu.edu
Assistant Professor of Business, Communication and Management

Dr. Andrew Li - ali@wtamu.edu
Associate Professor of Management
Areas of Interest: how gender impacts individuals' identification with their work and family roles and their ability to balance demands from different domains in life, and how gender identity impacts important work-life decisions


Dr. Kris Drumheller

Dr. Kris Drumheller – kdrumheller@wtamu.edu
Interim Department Head, History and Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Areas of interest is in social identity construction particularly as it relates to organizational communication and issues of work-life balance. Also of interest is the impact of identity in organizational crises or crises that occur with organizations directly related to issues impacting women and LGBTQIA communities (for example, Planned Parenthood & Susan G. Komen for the Cure).





Dr. Noah Franken – nfranken@wtamu.edu
Assistant Lecturer of Communication Studies
Areas of interest: interpersonal communication, identity, and family communication

Trudy Hanson

Dr. Trudy Hanson - thanson@wtamu.edu
Department Head and Professor of Communication Studies
Areas of interest: gender portrayal in popular media (particularly storytelling and in ABC’s Once Upon a Time), women and leadership, women leaders in higher education, women’s rhetoric, First Lady rhetoric (particularly that of Michelle Obama), gender and children’s toys

Dr. Jessica Mallard – jmallard@wtamu.edu
Dean, College of Fine Arts and Humanities and Professor of Communication Studies

Paula Schlegel – pschlegel@wtamu.edu
Instructor of Communication

Counseling and Education

Photograph of Leigh Green

Dr. Leigh Green – legreen@wtamu.edu
Assistant Professor of Education
Areas of interest: Student-Veteran transition to campus, women veterans, rape culture on college campuses, feminist theory in counseling, LGBTQIA studies


Monica Hart

Dr. Monica Hart - mhart@wtamu.edu
Areas of interest:  feminist literary theory, British women writers, poetry, psychoanalytic theory, the Gothic

Dr. Alex Hunt – ahunt@wtamu.edu

Dr. Bonnie Roos – broos@wtamu.edu

Dr. Pat Tyrer – ptyrer@wtamu.edu


Dr. Matt Reardon – mreardon@wtamu.edu

Photograph of Dr. Jean Stuntz

Dr. Jean Stuntz – jstuntz@wtamu.edu
Professor of History and President of Faculty Senate
Areas of interest: women's history, legal status of women, the Spanish Empire in North America, Texas history, gender studies

Modern Languages

Dr. Andrew Reynolds – areynolds@wtamu.edu


Maxine DeButte – mdebutte@wtamu.edu

Kenneth Denton – kdenton@wtamu.edu

Political Science and Criminal Justice

Dr. Anand CommissiongDr. Anand Commissiong - acommissiong@wtamu.edu
Areas of interest: Political Philosophy, Human Rights, Gender and Sexuality, Feminist Theory, Continental Philosophy, Race and Ethnicity, Race and Racism, Philosophy of Social Science, Immanuel Kant, Cosmopolitanism, Habermas, New social movements, Roman Stoicism (Philosophy), Political Science, Race, Class, Sex and Gender, Critical Theory, Nationalism, Political Theory, Social Movements, History of Philosophy, Marxism, Jurgen Habermas, Modernity, German Idealism, Capitalism, Gender and Race, Anti-Racism, Colonial Discourse, Transnational Social Movements, African-American Political Thought, Empire, Critical Race Theory, Colonialism and Imperialism, Modern Political Philosophy, Post Colonial Theory, Imperialism, Social and Political Philosophy, Decolonial Thought, Global Justice, Racism, Transnational Feminism, Intersectionality and Social Inequality, Critical Geopolitics, Intersectionality, Philosophy Of Race, New Left, Martha Nussbaum, Colonialism, Politics and Post-Colonial Theory, Racial and Ethnic Politics, Subjectivities, and Post-Colonialism

Dr. Keith Price – kprice@wtamu.edu
Department Head and Professor, Political Science and Criminal Justice; Psychology, Sociology and Social Work


Dr. Lisa Davis
Dr. Lisa Davis - ldavis@wtamu.edu
Areas of interest: relational feminism, valuing in general, mindfulness and peace


Dr. Lisa Garza – lgarza@wtamu.edu

Dr. Jenifer Kunz – jkunz@wtamu.edu





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