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New this year, the academy presents an in-depth course on crime writing taught by a retired law enforcement agent and writer.  Students will experience first-hand the thrill of crime scene investigation, police ride alongs, pursuit driving and more.  Also new, author Jodi Thomas will teach world building, an important step in writing a book series, for returning students. 

Students at the 2014 academy can expect to start their morning with the choice of Tim Lewis' "Rise Out of the Slush Pile and Shine" or a daily seminar from one of the instructors.  Following the breakfast session, students will spend the next few hours in the in-depth session of their choice, honing the skills their instructors know so well. 

Registration for the 2014 academy is money well spent because many students have gone on to become published by commercial publishing houses, including every student in the first academy.

2014 Instructor Bios and Websites

Jodi Thomas, www.jodithomas.com
Tim Lewis, www.timothylewisonline.com
Jennifer Archer, www.jenniferarcher.com
Margie Lawson, www.margielawson.com
Matthew Sherley, www.matthewsherley.com
Alexandra Sokoloff, www.alexandrasokoloff.com