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Immediate Enrollment Paper-based Courses

To enroll in one of the courses listed, please review the Enrollment Requirements and instructions for paper-based courses.

All courses are undergraduate level. (Number in parentheses indicates credit hours.)

History (HIST)
1302C. America Since 1877. Settlement of the last West; economic revolution; social, economic and political consequences of industrialism; emergence of the United States as a world power; development of American culture. (3)

Mathematics (MATH)
1314C. College Algebra. Prerequisite: 0303 or score of 85 or higher on Accuplacer Elementary Level Algebra. Relations, functions, equations and inequalities, exponents and radicals, logarithms, binomial theorem and probability. (3)

1316C. Plane Trigonometry. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment: 1314 or 1324. Trigonometric functions, identities, trigonometric equations, logarithms and inverse trigonometric functions. (3)

1324C. Mathematics For Business And Economics I. Prerequisite: 0303 or score of 85 or higher on Accuplacer Elementary Level Algebra. Linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, systems of equations, functions and graphs, mathematics of finance, probability, exponents and logarithms. (3)

1325C. Mathematics For Business And Economics II. Prerequisite: MATH 1314 or MATH 1324. Derivatives, curve sketching and optimization, techniques of derivatives, logarithmic and exponential functions with applications, techniques and applications of integrals. (3)

2412C. Pre-Calculus. Prerequisite: ACT score of 24 or SAT 500 or above on math section or MATH 1314. Coverage of algebraic and trigonometric concepts necessary for calculus. (4)

2413C. Calculus I. Prerequisite: 1316, 2412 or ACT score of 27 or SAT 620 or above on math section. Limits, continuity, differentiation of algebraic and trigonometric functions, applications of derivative, differentials, indefinite and definite integrals. (4)

2414C. Calculus II . Prerequisite: MATH 2413. Differentiation and integration of transcendental functions, techniques of integration and applications, infinite series, power series. (4)

3321C. Probability. Prerequisite: MATH 2414. Enrollment limited to WTAMU students. Permutations, combinations, discrete probability, discrete and continuous distributions. (3)

3340C. Calculus III . Prerequisite: MATH 2414. Partial derivatives, functions of several variables, multiple integration, vector analysis, line integrals. (3)

3342C. Differential Equations I. Prerequisite: MATH 2414. Techniques of solving first-order and nth-order linear differential equations, applications of first- and second-order differential equations and Laplace transforms. (3)

3360C. Statistical Methods. Prerequisite: MATH 1314. Descriptive statistics, combinatorics, probability, statistical inference, regression and analysis of variance. (3)

Sports And Exercise Sciences (SES)

3306C. Human Sexuality. Physical, psychological, social and comparative cultural aspects of sexual behavior, reproduction, sex education, family health, disease process and biological and sexual dysfunctions. (3)

3316C. Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco. Effects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco on physiological, mental, and psychological health and well-being with a focus on prevention education for self-responsibility. (3)